Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Fib And Archie's Monster Machine

I am currently part way through an exciting animation project working with Year 9 pupils from Carlton Bolling School, Bradford and Year 2 children from Fagley Primary School. The pupils are working together to produce a short animation based on the Fibonacci Sequence. The Fibonacci Sequence is a series of recurring numbers starting at 0. Each Finonacci number is the sum of the previous two numbers in the sequence and begins as follows... 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21 etc The pupils have developed a script which cleverly incorporates these numbers in a shop and factory setting run by Mr Fib and Dr Archie. Here is a still from today's animation set - the monster making machine. I will upload more as we progress through the animation which is looking great!

Mr Fib and Dr Archie's Monster Making Machine

The Rainforest

I have just finished working on an animation project at Benjamin Adlard Primary School in Gainsborough with a fantastic group of young children. In a week they made an animated documentary film based on animals from the South American Rainforest. All the characters were made out of cardboard and were animated using the replacement technique. The children also wrote and recorded the narration along with some amazing animal sounds. Here are some images captured during the making process...

Howler Monkey on set

Toucan and butterfly on set

Replacement characters: Howler Monkey, Red Tree Frog and Sloth

Replacement Characters: Red Tree Frog, Toucan, Howler Monkey and Sloth

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Tiger and Dumpling

Here are some images of my two beautiful house rabbits Tiger and Dumpling. The first image, of Tiger, has been captured and processed on my iPhone. The second image, of Dumpling has been captured on my DSLR and processed on my iPad.

A 154 Collaboration Begins: Pictures and Words

Myself and Dan Mallaghan have just begun work on a new 154 Collective Collaborative Project: Pictures and Words. This collaboration is based on the sharing and creative responses to each others work - writing and photography. Our first piece is titled: Through a Window and began by Dan sending me an amazing piece of writing which I then had to respond to through photography. I have loved working on this piece although I found it extremely challenging. Follow 154 Collective's Blog to find out what else we are working on. Here is mine and Dan's first collaboration:

Through a window.
You don’t need to see the weather today to know what it’s like you just need to see the people; the hardy ones; the ones that pass the window.  The shapes of their bodies tell you all you need to know.

A couple pass, their bodies contorted, lean heavily ahead of their feet as though they are slowly making their way up a mountain.  The woman, identified only by the heels she is wearing with her black suit trousers, is almost entirely smothered in an enormous silver coat. Insulation rings her body like Michelin tyres from her shoulders to her knees; disguising any body shape that may lie beneath.  Her hood, complete with brown faux fur lining, is pulled tightly over her head; her left hand gripping it across her face so that her eyes alone are revealed to the outside world.  From her right shoulder hangs a brown handbag tucked securely beneath her elbow and held firmly in place by the vice like grip of her blue tinged fingers.

And then there’s her partner. 

Perhaps only her partner for this walk; they seem so different in every way except the direction of their journeys.

He seems more defiant to the conditions, or perhaps, upon closer inspection of his grimace, more defenceless.  Scuffed trainers pound the pavement, a slight bend at the knee with each leaden step hints at the increasing weight of his sodden blue jeans.  He looks as though he’s been walking for weeks.  His hands are stuffed tightly into the pockets of what can only be described as a green summer jacket (though shirt with pockets would also do). Dark patches around his shoulders and arms confirm the inability of this flimsy jacket to repel any water.  His shoulders are hunched, leading the rest of his body; head down, tight lipped, eyes fixed firmly on his feet. Brown messy hair holds glimmering spots that gently slide down curling pathways before freeing themselves a drop at a time around his ears.

And he seems cold, much colder than the woman is in her storm shelter of a coat. He is rigid with cold.

They pass the window one step at a time, leaning into their path as though pulling trains behind them.

You don’t need to see the weather today to know what it’s like.  You just need to see the people.

New Card Series featuring the Lawrence Batley Theatre

I am part way through producing a new line of photographic cards to compliment the current work I am doing during my residency at the Lawrence Batley Theatre. They are currently only available from my workspace on the Balcony at the LBT so next time you visit feel free to have a look.... and buy one (or more) if you wish!!

My workspace at The LBT

More work in progress at the LBT

I am busy working on a new series of images as part of my residency at the Lawrence Batley Theatre.
Through these images I am exploring the mood and atmosphere of the Theatre and its surroundings. At the moment I am experimenting with styles and using my camera to view the Theatre from different perspectives. The Theatre has created an exciting canvas for me to work from and I love the discoveries I am making every time I look around. All the images in this series of work have been captured and processed on my iPhone. I will continue to upload my work in progress as I begin to formulate my ideas into final pieces for exhibition later this year.

Flower of the week: Daffodil

At the onset of Spring, here is my Flower of The Week - Daffodil, captured and processed entirely on my iPhone.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

154 - Barnsley From Up High

Continuing my exploration of Barnsley through the iPhone I  found myself on the top floor of Westgate Plaza One and could not resist taking a few images to capture a view across Barnsley, possibly seen by very few Barnsley residents. I am keen to go back and capture many more images, from lots of different angles, using the changing daylight and weather patterns to influence and impact on the final images...

From Up High
Toy Town

154 Journeys

As part of the work I am developing during my involvement with the 154 Collective I am producing digital images using my iPhone and iPad along the theme of Journeys, focused around communities within Barnsley and Newham. I am currently working on a number of images that I recently captured during a Road Trip to Newham including these images from Upton Park Station. Each image was captured on my iPhone and has been processed entirely on my iPad.

At The Station
Making Tracks

Upton Park Station

Beyond The Windows at the LBT

Through my continuing exploration of the Lawrence Batley Theatre, as part of my artists residency, I have recently been capturing images that reflect views beyond the Theatre Windows. Here are a few of my favourites, each of which have been captured on the iPhone and processed entirely on my iPad.

The Final Days at Stocksbridge

The animation project at Stocksbridge Nursery Infant School is almost complete. The children have recently finished animating the factory scene, they have recorded voice overs and sound effects and they have also recorded short interviews for their "making of" film. There are only a few more scenes to shoot and then the edit to tackle before their film is complete. Check out their blog for more information including screening dates soon to be confirmed ...