Saturday, 26 May 2012

Art On Your Doorstep

The new Exhibition, Art on Your Doorstep at the The Red House Museum, Gomersal began together and runs until the 8th July 2012. I am delighted to be one of a small selection of artists chosen to exhibit work in this exhibition and have specially created Limited Edition Giclee Prints capturing intriguing views of the beautiful countryside landscapes of the Yorkshire Dales.

Scenic Puddle

In The Puddle

Mud Print

Monday, 21 May 2012

Mini King and Queen Canvasses for the 154 Exhibition

Whilst collating all the work I have created over the last four months for the upcoming 154 Exhibition I came across these lovely images from a recent workshop led by Fabric Lenny at Birdwell Primary School, Barnsley. These images are from of selection which I captured to document the children designing and creating their Canvas Kings and Queens which will be exhibited as part of the 154 Exhibition, launching on 2nd June at the Cooper Gallery, Barnsley.

Creating Initial Designs

Water washing

Canvas King Design In Progress

Drawing on the iPad

Mini Queen canvass alongside the original design

Mini Queen Canvas alongside the original design

Saturday, 19 May 2012

154 iPhoneography Prints for Exhibition

Since January this year I have been creating work as part of the 154 Collective and the launch of our Exhibition is now drawing near....2nd June at the Cooper Gallery, Barnsley. My work has been developed through iPhoneography using still and moving image to celebrate the similarities between the communities of Barnsley and Newham, whose Town Halls are 154 miles apart as the crow flies. My exhibited work will comprise of a series of portraits of children from Barnsley and Newham, framed giclee prints capturing daily life within the two boroughs and a selection of short films. Here is a close up of one of the giclee prints presented as a montage of 35 images from Barnsley and Newham. Come along to the exhibition to see the full print and much more work created by the 154 Collective.

154 Exhibition Launch

It is less than two weeks until the Launch of the 154 Exhibition on the 2nd June and everything is starting to come together. It is all very exciting! The Exhibition is promising to be a visual delight full of work inspired by and created collaboratively with people from the boroughs of Barnsley and Newham. Alongside the Exhibition will be a series of workshops delivered by the 154 Collective artists, providing the opportunity for people to work with the artists and contribute their own artwork to the exhibition. The poster image is from German Artist Benjamin Rabe who will be attending the launch and running a workshop with local children. Feel free to come along....It would be great to see you there! Please visit the 154 Collective Blog for more information.

154 Portraits

I have just completed a series of portraits of children from Barnsley and Newham which will form part of the 154 Exhibition beginning on the 2nd June at the Cooper Gallery, Barnsley. Each portrait was captured on the iPhone and processed on the iPad. The children from both Boroughs were fantastic and I had great fun capturing these images. They are all printed and waiting to be exhibited in two weeks time. For more information and updates on the 154 Collective please visit the 154 blog.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

On Our Doorstep: Red House Museum

I have just completed the work I will be exhibiting in the "On Our Doorstep" Exhibition at the Red House Museum, Gomersal from the 26th June to the 8th July. My work consists of a series of  Framed Limited Edition Giclee Prints, captured and processed entirely on the iPhone inspired by the natural landscapes of the Yorkshire Dales. Here are two of the images....feel free to come along to the exhibition to see the rest.

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

In the garden

I was lucky enough to spend some time in the garden this weekend and began to clear a space for a new shed. There was a lot of garden rubbish to burn which made for some great pictures, including this one...

Hyrstmount Habitats - What a great project!

Last week I had a fantastic time at Hyrstmount Junior School in Batley, working with children to produce an animation called "Habitats". The children were fantastic - very enthusiastic, hard working, full of fun and a joy to work with. Within a week they completed their animation from start to finish and were involved in every aspect, including research, drawing, painting, writing, character designs, background designs, set building, animating and sound recording! Here are a few images I captured throughout the project. For more information on this project please visit the KirkleesArts4All Blog.

154 Journey Images

During my recent trip to Newham, as part of the 154 Collective Project, I captured a few images that I felt conjured up a sense of journey. Here are a few of them, each captured and processed entirely on my iPhone as part of my own journey.

154 at Gallions School, Nehwam

After visiting children at Birdwell Primary School I travelled to Newham with Fabric Lenny to deliver 154 workshop with children a Gallions Primary School, Newham. The children were fantastic and produced some amazing artwork including continuous line drawings, pen and water wash portraits and mini canvasses. As well as drawing, the children also worked with me to produce a series of photographic portraits which will be part of a montage piece I am creating for the 154 Exhibition in June. I also produced a short film of children drawing using timelapse animation. For more updates on 154 please visit the 154 blog.

154 at Birdwell Primary School, Barnsley

I have recently had the pleasure of being part of a 154 workshop delivered by Fabric Lenny at Birdwell Primary School, Barnsley. During the workshop the children were involved in drawing and painting with traditional materials and with mobile technology including iPads. I visited the workshop to catch the children at work and I took lots of documentary images for the 154 project. Here are a few of them. For more updates on 154 please visit the 154 blog.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Habitats - Animation Project

I am currently working on an animation project with children at Hyrstmount Junior School in Batley based on Habitats. The children have created some amazing artwork already and the characters and sets look wonderful. Here are some images I have captured along the way. Please visit the Kirklees Arts4All Blog to find out more about the project.