Sunday, 21 August 2011

Canal Artist Residency - planning commences

Light & Dark - Reflections & Shadows
I am about to embark on an Artist's Residency based at Shipley, exploring the creative impact of Light and Dark along a short stretch of the Leeds-Liverpool Canal. Following a recent planning day where I produced initial sketches and created a bank of exploratory and reference based photographic material I soon became intrigued by the patterns overlaying the canal and the canalside as a result of the bright sunlight shining through trees and shubbery and bouncing off boats and bridges, along with the decorative reflections of the sky and the surroundings in the water. It was at this point I decided to focus my creative interest specifically on reflections and shadows, under the overarching theme of Light and Dark, during my Residency. Here are a few images I produced during my planning trip.......there are much more to come so keep checking back!

Twist: The twisting bare branches of this bold, archaic tree is mimicked through the twisted photographic layers, dissolved together with subtle colour tones to suggest reflections from the canal

Beyond: An image created in response to the abundance of life, foliage and vibrancy beyond the canal. A layered image mixing black and white and full colour to create a misty palette of browns, greens and yellows.

Shipley Canal: Photographed at the side of the Leeds-Liverpool Canal near Hirst Lock capturing the radiant blue sky and the delicate white clouds, which together create a backdrop of brightness and colour against the lone tree on the hillside.