Friday, 24 February 2012

Docks and Shops

As part of the 154 Collective, I am currently working on a series of images that have been captured and processed entirely on mobile devices, including the iPhone and the iPad. Here are two images I captured in Newham, during the recent Road Trip.

Newham Docklands
Newham Shops

Tulips and a Rose

I have recently produced two more images to add to my portfolio of flower images. These images were captured and processed entirely on the iPhone.

Flower of the Week: Rose

Flower of the Week: Tulip

Rain soaked images at the LBT

I love it when it rains... especially when I have my camera at the ready! Added to my portfolio of images capturing the essence of the Lawrence Batley Theatre are these two images. Both images have been captured and processed entirely on my iPhone.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Barnsley To Newham

As part of the 154 project I have recently been on a road trip from Barnsley to Newham, with two other artists. Armed with cameras, iPhones, iPads, tripods and sketch books we began by documenting our journey as we passed through many small Towns and Villages. On arrival at Newham we explored the borough on foot, capturing images as we went - there was so much to see...and so much to take in!! We are going back again soon but in the meantime I have begun to process some of the images I captured. Here are a few... many more to come!! To keep track of the 154 Collective please follow the 154 Blog.

Street Cleaning

Barnsley and Newham Town Halls

Early Morning at the Docks

Thursday, 16 February 2012

iPhoneography at the LBT

I am beginning to build up a portfolio of images captured throughout the Lawrence Batley Theatre as part of my current residency project were I am exploring the Theatre through digital photography. At the moment I am exploring and experimenting, capturing images which may seem unexpected and turning them into small pieces of photographic art. I have lots of ideas of how this project may grow....but at the moment I am working organically, responding to things I see and ideas that emerge along the way. Here are some initial images... you may have to look closely to work out where in the Theatre they were taken!

The artwork featured in this image is by Kerry Mosley

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Documenting 154

As well as creating photographic artwork as part of the 154 Collective I am also documenting the creative process as each artist begins to develop work for the exhibition at the Cooper Gallery in June 2012. So far I have captured four artists in action... to keep up to date with this project follow the 154 Collective blog.

Dan making plans for the 154 Collective Road Trip

Dan planning at the Cooper Gallery

Fabric Lenny creating a timelapse film

Anna delivery an illustration workshop to children in Hoyland

Anna's Illustration workshop

Lou creating 154 drawings in Barnsley

Lou drawing under the market stairs

More animation at Stocksbridge

The animation project at Stocksbridge Nursery and Infants School is going really well. The children are fantastic and they are working really hard. Over the last few weeks we have been animating the farm scene and making machinery parts out of cardboard for the factory set. Here are some recent images from the project. More images and information can be found on the Stocksbridge Filmmakers Blog.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Flower of the Week

I have begun producing "Flower of The Week" Images as a way to experiment and as a challenge to force me to look more closely at subjects and create interesting and dynamic images as part of a theme of work. Here are my most recent "Flower of the Week" images...

154 work in progress

I am busy working on a series of images as part of the 154 Collective to form part of an exciting exhibition of new work in the Cooper Gallery later this year. I am currently focusing on Barnsley Town Centre, capturing daily happenings through iPhoneography and timelapse filmmaking. I am particularly interested in capturing an essence of the Town and the people through quirky, colourful and intriguing images. Here are some images which I have recently captured and edited entirely on the iPhone...many more to come!

Animation at Stocksbridge

The animation project that I am currently delivering at Stocksbridge Nursery and Infants School is going really well. The children have already developed some very sophisticated animation techniques and are eager to learn more. We have lots more animating to do but all the children are a real joy to work with and have lots of creative ideas to share.