Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Elsecar Heritage Centre - Consultation

I have spent the last few days at Elsecar Heritage Centre working with Fabric Lenny and children from St Helen's Primary School, Hoyland and I've had a wonderful time! The children were asked to make suggestions as to how the site could be improved, and they soon got to work by exploring every inch of the site and sharing their ideas through drawing, writing and discussion. Both days have been very productive with the children sharing lots of great ideas and creating some wonderful drawings.

Here are some images from Day 1...
And here are some images from Day 2...

And here are some drawings from both days...
Great work everyone!

Monday, 26 September 2011


I was recently asked by Dream Achievers to produce an image to reflect the lack of Connectivity within Shipley and Saltaire, specifially considering the canal, the river, local communities, businesses and the Town Centre, for inclusion in a Scoping Study exploring the regenration potential of the area. It was a big ask to say all this in one image so I did it in 16!
Each image suggests connectivity, or the lack of it, through its composition and content, along with the design itself which consists of individual images that portray a more powerful message when aligned with the rest.

Here are some additional images I captured in Shipley and Saltaire when working on the above piece.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Thanks for your interest!

Thank you to everyone who took an interest in my work, and the work of all the participating HOST artists this weekend. It was great to see so many visitors and such a lot of local interest. Now that HOST is over I am busy editing the film which many of you contributed to through various animation sequences and drawings. I aim to upload the film by the 1st October so check back in a couple of weeks to see the finished piece. In the meantime I have been exploring a potential studio space in Shipley..... as part of my artist residency at Dream Achievers there is a possibility that I may be able to base my work out of an old Pumping Station at the side of the Leeds-Liverpool Canal at Shipley. This is very exciting! I went along earlier this week to have a look and there is lots of potential. The idea is at the very early stages yet but here are some photos I took in all the excitement...

Saturday, 17 September 2011

HOST Open Studios at the LBT

Today I set up my mobile studio in the Foyer of The Lawrence Batley Theatre for the weekend as part of the HOST Open Studio Trail. I worked with visitors to produce a number of animated sequences which will form part of the short film I am creating throughout the HOST weekend. Here are a few shots of my studio space, where I also displayed some photographic artwork in the form of mounted prints and cards.

I will be at the LBT again all day tomorrow (Sunday 11 - 5.00pm), so feel free to come along...

Sketch and Shoot Animation Workshop
The animation workshop this afternoon was a great success and resulted in some lovely animation sequences produced by children. These will form part of the short film I am creating this weekend. Here are a few images from the workshop.

I will be animating all day tomorrow (Sunday 11.00 - 5.00pm) so feel free to come along and join in...

As ever I could not resist producing a composite image of my surroundings....so here is a composite image of five iphone pictures I captured in and around the LBT today.

Friday, 16 September 2011

HOST Preview Evening

I have just got back from a very enjoyable evening at the HOST Preview Event at the Creative Arts Building, Huddersfield University. Amongst the diverse works displayed by artists participating in HOST throughout Kirklees I exhibited one piece titled "Huddersfield Town" - a Limited Edition Giclee print featuring scenes throughout Huddersfield Town Centre, captured entirely on the iphone and presented as a photomontage. Here are some images taken throughout the evening.

And I couldn't resist taking some photographs outside just as the night was closing in....

More updates to come throughout the HOST Weekend, so keep checking back...

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Canal Artist Residency - more images

Lock Gates
I have recently captured some very interesting close ups from inside Hirst Lock as the water splashes through the gates as the lock fills up. Here are a few I have created as composite images....more to follow...

Open Lock
A composite image overlaying an extreme close up of water splashing through the locks, with a shot of an open lock gate. The overlaying creates an interesting watercolour effect which compliments the moving reflections experienced whilst traveling through the locks.

Through the Lock
Captured inside the lock, this is a composite image overlaying an extreme close up of water splashing through the locks, with a shot of a closed lock gate. I love the window in the lock, revealing the brightness on the other side of the lock gates and emphasizing the darkness within. The overlaying creates an interesting watercolour effect mirroring the shadows created by the sun shining on the splashing water, and casting shadows on the boats, the lock walls and the lock gates.

Lock Gates
Layered images of extreme close up shots of a lock gate and splashing water, creating an intriguing painterly effect, with unexpected colours and tones. I am really pleased with how these have turned out.

Monday, 12 September 2011

Hoyland New Health Centre and Library

Fabric Lenny Window Design - Complete and captured on the iphone
My newfound love of capturing images on my iphone drew me back to the Hoyland Library this weekend. Having found it very difficult to capture correctly exposed images using my professional camera kit due to the reflections in the glass and the brightness of the sun shining on the window etc, I was intrigued to see how the iphone would handle capturing such a tricky subject. I was amazed at its capabilities and was very pleased with the images I captured. Here are a few iphone images of the super design...

Hoyland New Health Centre and Library

Window Design by Fabric Lenny - Installation
I was recently asked to document the installation of an etched vinyl window design created by Fabric Lenny. It was very exciting (and nerve wracking) watching the team install the design piece by piece. Here are some images of the process...

HDR Shooting on the iphone

Whilst enjoying a beautiful sunny day in Elsecar at the weekend I spent a little time testing the HDR capabilities of the iphone and I was very impressed. Here are some HDR photographs I captured on my iphone...