Friday, 13 April 2012

Beautiful Scotland

I have just got back from a fantastic trip to Scotland where the scenery was amazing and the weather superb...including a few days of thick snow! It was a real treat for me and I was in my element, photographing pretty much everything I saw! I made a decision on the first day that I was going to challenge myself to shoot predominantly on the iPhone and process all images on the iPhone and iPad. This made me look very differently at subjects and capture shots that I may normally have overlooked if using a professional camera with a telephoto lens. By the end of the week I started processing my work into mini series of themed shots...but to begin with I indulged in capturing and processing individual images that I found particularly interesting. Here are a few of my favourites...many more to follow!

Steam Train - Boat of Garten

Loch Side

Boat Of Garten

Water Tank - Boat Of Garten Railway Station


  1. AWESOME train! I bet people would buy prints of it :)

  2. Thank you Anna! I was thinking of producing prints of the train - it would be great if people liked it so much that they wanted to buy one : )